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You have been through the process before.

You sign up with a new advertising vendor, and then you sit back and wonder where your resources are going and if you are going to see any substantial ROI. You’re left at their word that they are doing their best to spread the name of your business, but you’re still wondering if they are worth the budget that you have set aside for their services.

Wonder no more.
This is The Ad Auditor.

What is The Ad Auditor?
The Ad Auditor is revolutionizing the way that businesses and industries advertise. Never before has one singular tool given so much to the future of a company.
Imagine being able to advertise knowing solid statistics of how well your campaign is doing. See first-hand the results of your campaign with solid numbers.
Imagine being able to divert your time and resources to furthering marketing strategies, not sitting around attempting to decipher a complicated and convoluted data report from your vendor.

The Ad Auditor takes out the guesswork and puts the control of your digital advertising future in your hands.

Benefits of The Ad Auditor
The Ad Auditor is the first "Cloud Based" advertising, tracking, and auditing service designed for the busy and well-informed business owner.  Simply put, we take the guesswork out of whether an advertising vendor is effective or not. Then, we make it easy for you to execute any changes you need to make for your business!

All the necessary data and information that you need is in one place. This allows you to observe the effectiveness of any campaign and manage vendors from one single platform. Easily judge the performance of one vendor, multiple vendors, or an entire campaign at a glance.

Want to know how one vendor is matched up against another? It’s simple, the information is all there.

Sign-up for The Ad Auditor and enjoy:

  • Real-time ROI for any vendor. If your vendor is not returning significant ROI, you are wasting valuable time and money. Observe their effectiveness from one single platform and make any necessary changes from our easy-to-use and intuitive platform.
  • Easy to read reports. Print reports by vendor or campaign. Whether you need to break down your report daily, weekly, monthly, or annually, use The Ad Auditor to present easy to read reports to everyone in the boardroom or send them electronically through email.
  • Analytics Tracking. If you use tracking analytics from search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you know how difficult they can be to understand. The Ad Auditor eliminates the technical jargon and boils it down to the essential and important information.


Investigate Potential Vendors
Looking for more information about potential vendors?

The Ad Auditor makes the investigation process easier by allowing you to view vendor ratings and compare them. Discover which is worth your time and money, and which are better best forgotten. This eliminates any potential risk involved with new vendors, such as a waste of time, resources, and money, which ultimately will affect your ROI.

However, The Ad Auditor doesn’t stop there.  One of the most exciting and powerful tools that The Ad Auditor possesses is our unique Vendor Rating system. The Ad Auditor will gather vendor data and initial data of others who have used that vendor, call three of them, and report to you the findings. We place the power of making an informed decision back in your hands, leaving little mystery about the legitimacy or reputation of a new vendor.  

Manage Vendor Accounts
The Ad Auditor makes it simple to manage your vendor accounts. It is our goal to make the whole process as easy and seamless as possible.

A simple two-step process and you will be ready to begin tracking.

All you need is the name of the account, the account number (if any), the contact name, your login credentials, and click the authorize link. No need to worry about importing data, keeping it current, or organizing information, The Ad Auditor will take care of it!

If you do not have a login, that’s no problem. The Ad Auditor will contact the vendor for you and input the results manually.

Conversely, The Ad Auditor makes canceling an account painless and worry-free. We will cross-reference the terms of your advertising contract, send the appropriate cancellation notice to the vendor, and send you a copy of the verification.  If immediate cancellation is not possible, The Ad Auditor will schedule your cancellation for the first available opportunity.

Access and Protect Your Account Information
Imagine having the ability to access all important vendor logins from anywhere on the globe at any given moment. The Ad Auditor’s PowerVault makes this dream a reality. With this effective and secure tool, each account will have a quick access link for your reference and use your login information for a vendor. A private PIN number of your choosing protects the PowerVault itself; meaning access is limited to only you and those who know the PIN number.

Powerful White Label Settings
If you are an agency, you are going to love The Ad Auditor’s white label feature. Your clients will receive reports from The Ad Auditor with your company’s logo, making it seem as though you yourself have prepared the report. In addition, each of your clients will receive a unique private login portal for your company and your URL.

This is it. Everything that your company has ever needed to manage your marketing vendor accounts. Everything that your company has needed to regain the advantage in the persistent power struggle with your vendors. No longer will you throw your money down a dark hole and wonder if you will ever see a significant increase in ROI.

The Ad Auditor is transforming the marketing landscape. What was once a gamble has now become an educated guess and with the Ad Auditor’s powerful tools, an educated guess with the scales heavily tipped in your favor.

Contact us today to find out what The Ad Auditor can do for you.