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The Ad Auditor is a powerful and effective service that combines a system of tools, algorithms and qualified professionals to deliver a cloud based, real-time advertising auditing system.  Our system is designed for business professionals whom want to know the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.  The Ad Auditor’s unique system helps determine real-time return on investment (ROI) allowing business professionals to make nearly instantaneous decisions.  Because The Ad Auditor is a cloud-based, adaptable platform it is accessible from virtually any device.   

The Ad Auditor can track and determine return on investment (ROI) for digital advertising, radio and television advertising, print media, and a variety of other types of customizable advertising.  The Ad Auditor’s unique system offers great flexibility and is adaptable to many different modes and methods of advertising for maximum effectiveness. Track which vendor/resource a customer came to find you by and their geographic location.  Where your advertising dollars are working for you!

The Ad Auditor uses a variety of tools, mathematical algorithms, and its professional staff to deliver unparalleled results.  Our process streamlines your advertising budget and sources into an easy to see, one-click system that shows how your money is being spent.  The Ad Auditor focuses on the most important aspect of whether or not to continue with an advertising source: the profit you make or the money you lose based on your investment.  It is estimated around $415 billion dollars is spent each year in the US alone on advertising.  In 2013, GfK Panel Services, a research company specializing in ROI studies, estimated that the average ROI among newspapers, magazines, radio, televisions, and online sources averages to be 102%.  The Ad Auditor helps you maximize your results to be above the statistical threshold.

Password Vault  is a secure way to store all of your login information to your advertising vendors and CRM systems.  The Ad Auditor has imbedded this tool into the system to make verification and cross-referencing information as easy as possible.  You will never again have to search for usernames or login information.  They are all readily available on almost any device any time of day.

The Vendor Library is a very exciting tool in The Ad Auditor's arsenal.  Vendor Library compiles data and statistics of an advertising vendor and then assigns a cumulative effectiveness percentage based on all the customers using this particular vendor.  So, prior to engaging a vendor, you can look them up in the Vendor Library to see their overall effectiveness rating.  This is an invaluable tool that can save you time and money.  The quality of vendors determines the outcome of your advertising dollars.  

The Ad Auditor has made it super easy for you to make changes to your advertising campaigns.  We integrate contract information, primary vendor contacts, and notice periods into our vendor setup systems.  If you decide you need to cancel an advertising vendor, based on performance or budgetary reasons, you simply have to select and cancel the vendor from within your dashboard.  Then The Ad Auditor will automatically calculate the first available date you can cancel and make all the necessary notifications.  Once the account is cancelled, The Ad Auditor will archive the vendor and remove it from your active dashboard.  It’s that easy!

The Ad Auditor  is committed to making as much of the system real-time as possible.   There are some components that may have a twenty-four hour polling or hold time.  We constantly are working on improving our systems in an effort to make all information and calculations as current as possible.

ROI or Return on Investment is the amount of money you make or lose based on your original advertising expenditure.  Said another way, it is a measure of profit or loss earned from each investment.  The general formula is (Return–Investment)/Investment.  Typically, this result is displayed as a percentage.  ROI calculations can be very complex if you start to take into account overhead adjustments and investment variables.  Tell us your average profit from a sale and how much you’re spending with a chosen vendor.  We’ll tell you what your return is and show you if it’s working for you!

The Ad Auditor has different packages depending on a variety of different factorssuch as; the number of advertising vendors you want to track or map-views of where your clients are coming from and where your advertising dollars are at work.  Behind the scenes, at The Ad Auditor, we have real individuals committed to delivering the best possible results.  Please fill out an inquiry to get a specific price quote based on your business needs.  Contact us today!

Getting started is easy!  All you have to do is fill out one of our inquiry forms and one of our agents will contact you with a few additional questions.  Once we determine the best program for you, we'll send you an invitation email with a link to your account setup page.  We’ll be with you every step of the way should you have questions.

  • The Ad Auditor has a program to fit almost any type of business wanting to track their advertising dollars and vendors.  We give you back the power in managing your advertising budget.   Currently we have five unique programs.  Please take a look at our Programs Page" and let us know if we can custom design a package that best fits your business.

Our white label service is a very important component of The Ad Auditor’s systems.  It is a survey system that uses text, email, and phone calls to better classify how your customers are finding you.  We want your customers to feel comfortable and confident when taking a survey so The Ad Auditor White Label Service makes it appear as if the correspondence is originating from your company. And, for agencies, your clients will be thrilled with the new service you are offering them.