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View Accounts

The Ad Auditor has made it super easy for you to view all of your advertising accounts and sources from a single display or dashboard. Now, it has never been easier to see which of your advertising sources are working for you and which are not. Gone are the days of sifting through endless reports from advertising vendors touting their effectiveness. With The Ad Auditor, you have the ability to see and analyze your entire advertising campaign under one umbrella. You can track digital advertising, print ads, and even radio and television! You can even drill down into the specifics of each vendor or campaign in the click of a butions or two.

Add an Account

Do you want to add an account and start tracking it? With The Ad Auditor, it’s fast and super easy. Simply add the name of the account, the account number (if any), the contact name, login credentials, and click the authorize link. Then, The Ad Auditor will do the rest. We will import your data, keep it up to date, and organize it for you! If you do not have a login, no problem. The Ad Auditor will contact the vendor and input results manually. All you have to do is view the reports. It is our goal to make adding and canceling account as easy and as seamless as possible. That is how our service was designed. At The Ad Auditor, we understand that we work for your comapany and withou you, we would not exist!


Generating advertising reports has never been easier. With The Ad Auditor’s easy reporting functions, you can instantaneously generate reports and print them, email them or even share them digitally during presentations. You can generate reports on a particular vendor or on your entire campaign by week, month or year! This makes tracking the progress and effectiveness of a particular vendor a snap! Addionally, you can do this from anywhere at any time of day. Our service is design to make acces to data and results as easy as possible.


Not only does The Ad Auditor track and manage the statistics of your advertising campaigns, but we also track statistics from search engines, such as Google, Yahoo & Bing, and integrate them into your reports. Sound intimidating? Well, its not! We make it easy to use and understand! You will sound like an analytical wiz in no time! Next time some techie from an advertisng vendor starts throwing out confusing justifications for their continued existance, tell him/her you have it covered and look up the real results on The Ad Auditor!

Investigate a Vendor

Are you considering hiring a new advertising vendor to spread the word about your products and your services but are unsure as to whether or not they are worth the expense. Fear not! Let The Ad Auditor investigate the vendor, call references, compare the vendor against the vendor statistical library, then then prepare a report for you! Then, you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. So, next time an advertising vendors calls you telling you they have invented the wheel, tell them that you will get back to with them after you receive the investigative report from The Ad Auditor! Each investigative report will incur a fee aside and apart from the subscription costs.

Cancel an Account

Do you want to cancel an account, it’s easy if you enable the agency link through The Ad Auditor. We will cross reference the terms of your advertising contract and send the appropriate cancellation notice to the vendor. Then, we will obtain a verification and send you a copy. If you are not able to cancel, you can still schedule a cancellation for the first available opportunity and The Ad Auditor will take care of the rest. At The Ad Auditor, if a vendor is not performing in accordance with your expectations, you are wasting money and resources. Let The Ad Auditor let them know for you with a few clicks of the mouse!

Password Vault

PowerVault is an effective and secure tool for storing your logins to all of your vendor accounts. Imaging having access to all of your important vendor logins from anywhere on the globe at any time of day. The Ad Aduitor makes it happen and is a secure way. Each account will have a quick access link for you to reference and use your login information for any advertising vendor. The PowerVault is also protected by a private PIN number you choose.

White Label Settings

If you are an agency, you are going to love our white label feature. With our white label feature, your clients will receive reports from your company just as if you had prepared them yourself. Additionally, each of your clients will have a private login portal with a unique URL from your company! Under with White Label Settings, specifically for an agency, accounts can be managed from within a white label setting!

View Vendor Ratings

View vendor rating is perhaps one of the most exciting tools The Ad Auditor has in its tool chest. Vendor Ratings compiles data and statistics from advertising vendors around the world and catalogs them in a library. If you are considering hiring a new vendor, you can look through our easy to understand data and make a decision on whether or not you want to proceed and advertise with this vendor.

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